Joshua A. Reyes

At a Glance

Hi, it's nice to meet you.

I am a software engineer.

In the past I specialized in systems biology, computer science, education, and mathematics.

I like gravity, social dilemmas, urban planning, and main streets and back roads.

Open Source Government

Congressional Tweets
I've started collecting, analyzing, and displaying tweets from the US congress. Check out your tax dollars at work on the microblogosphre. I implemented some of those cool real-time data visualizations that are so hot these days.


How to ask for a letter of recommendation
I wrote this when I was a resident tutor because so many of my students, especially seniors, were flummoxed by the process. Asking for help is hard enough, but asking someone to the take the time to commit what they think of you in full sentences for an official, semi-permanent document is down-right intimidating. I hope write a few more of these guides for the Harvard First-generation Mentorship program.
How to write a research proposal
While this guide specifically targets early graduate students in the life sciences, it's probably helpful to those in other disciplines and undergraduates. The main take-away: pick a project you like first, then digest it into simple, direct and digestible pieces that reviewers can parrot back to other committee members during review. Actually, that's probably good advice for everyone.

Courses Taught